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“Michelle's servant's heart, vast experience and forward-thinking combined with her grit and grace have been a benefit to this community and department for over thirty years. ”

~ Sheriff Lawrence Stelma - Retired

“We endorse Sheriff Michelle based on her proven, effective leadership through challenging times.”

~ Kent County Deputy Sheriff’s Association (Corrections Deputies)

 “Michelle is the epitome of a leader. Her passion, wisdom, and commitment to her constituents, her staff, and to Kent County sets her apart from all other candidates.”

~ Chuck Dewitt - Kent County Undersheriff

“We strongly feel that the proactive actions you and your administration took at the onset of the current (COVID) state in our community had a tremendous positive effect on the health and well being of our membership.  Those decisions, along with many others, have helped move the department in a productive direction that benefited the public and our officers.”

~ Ryan Wheeler - KCLEA president

Kent County Law Enforcement Associates ( Law Enforcement Deputies)

“Sheriff Michelle strives to protect and improve the safety, working conditions, and economic security of the officers she leads.”

~ Police Officers Association of Michigan

“We trust the leadership of this Sheriff and believe in the direction of the Sheriff’s Department.”

~ Kent County Command Officers Association

“I have been impressed with Sheriff Michelle LaJoye-Young since she became Sheriff.  I have watched as she has worked to be in our community and get to know the people who live here.  She has tried to understand the challenges and has tried to make changes to help.  I appreciate her efforts and have confidence in her work”

~ Lupe Ramos-Montigny - State Board of Education

“I am honored to publicly endorse Sheriff Michelle LaJoye-Young for Kent County Sheriff.  The position of Sheriff is one that requires experience, strong leadership, integrity, accountability and understanding of the community’s needs and concerns, Sheriff LaJoye-Young brings all of this and more to the citizens of Kent County and the employees of the Sheriff’s office.  Sheriff Michelle LaJoye-Young is the best prepared to the Kent County Sheriff’s Office.”

~ Steve Kempker - Sheriff, Ottawa County

“As the retired Chief from East Grand Rapids, I can personally attest to Sheriff Michelle’s many attributes and outstanding character. Michelle always came to the aid of East Grand Rapids as she did with every agency in the County. She never looked for anything in return and always put the concerns of Citizens first. Now it’s your turn. Let’s VOTE FOR MICHELLE LAJOYE YOUNG,
Sheriff of Kent County.”

~ Peter Gallegher
Retired Chief East Grand Rapids

“Sheriff Michelle LaJoye-Young is a strong leader in the law enforcement community.  Running a department with 700 staff members and a 1400 bed Correctional Facility is no easy task.  Her knowledge, integrity, and over 30 years of service to our community is outstanding.  She is the right choice for Sheriff of Kent County”

~ Tom Hillen
Retired Chief of Police Kentwood

“As a former police officer I have a great deal of respect for Sheriff Michelle LaJoye-Young.  She is one of those rare individuals whose job title does not define who she is but instead, she is defined by an unbelievable work ethic, dedication and character.  I am proud to endorse Michelle in her campaign to remain the Kent County Sheriff.”

~ Tom Antor

“Sheriff Michelle LaJoye-Young ‘s experience and dedication to the job is unmatched.  She has been a great Sheriff and there is nobody I would trust more to keep Kent County safe.” 

~ Lisa Posthumus-Lyons - Kent County Clerk

“Sheriff Michelle LaJoye-Young looks at a variety of solutions when faced with challenges and is committed to justice.  Michelle is a thoughtful, fair-minded and compassionate Leader.”

~ Diane Jones - Kent County Commissioner

I have established a close working relationship with the Kent County Sheriff’s Department and have seen Sheriff LaJoye-Young’s outstanding leadership on display firsthand. She has done an excellent job in leading the department and protecting and serving the residents of Kent County. I look forward to voting for her in the fall and I encourage everyone to support her on November 3rd. 

~ Representative Mark Huizenga - State Representative

I would be proud and honored to endorse you for Kent County Sheriff. You have been very active and supportive of all the Townships. You have the leadership skills and the respect of all the Deputies in the department. There could be no better qualified candidate than yourself.  You have my support, and I will encourage others to vote and support you for Sheriff.

~ Greg Madura – Alpine Township Supervisor

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State Elected Officials

  • Thomas Albert - State Representative

  • Tommy Brann - State Representative

  • Mark Huizenga - State Representative

  • Senator Pete MacGregor - State Senator, Candidate Kent County Treasurer

  • Lupe Ramos-Montigny - State Board of Education

Staff of the Kent County SD

  • Chuck Dewitt - Kent County Undersheriff

  • Ryan Wheeler - KCLEA president

  • Kent County Law Enforcement (Law Enforcement Deputies)

  • Kent County Command Officers Association

  • Kent County Deputy Sheriff’s Association, (Corrections Deputies)

  • Police Officers Association of Michigan

Local Elected & Government Officials

  • Tom Antor – County Commissioner

  • Chris Becker - Kent County Prosecutor

  • Mandy Bolter - Chair of the Kent County Board of Commission

  • Emily Brieve - County Commissioner

  • Gary Carey - Mayor of Walker
  • Rosalynn Bliss – Mayor of Grand Rapids

  • Tom Colman - Plainfield Township Trustee, Candidate Supervisor

  • Daryl Delabbio - Retired Kent County Administrator

  • Mike Devries - Grand Rapids Township Supervisor

  • Steve Duarte - Retired Kent County Finance Director

  • Robert DeWard - Gaines Charter Township Supervisor ​

  • Kevin Green - Algoma Township Supervisor

  • Bryan Harrison - Caledonia Township Supervisor

  • Diane Jones - Kent County Commissioner

  • Matt Kallman - Kent County Commissioner

  • Dan Koorndyk - Chairman Airport Authority Board

  • Greg Madura – Alpine Township Supervisor

  • Betsy Melton - County Commissioner

  • Roger Morgan - County Commissioner

  • Stan Ponstein - County Commissioner

  • Lisa Posthumus - Lyons - Kent County Clerk

  • Monica Sparks - Kent County Commissioner

  • Stan Stek - Vice-Chair Kent County Commission

  • Lindsey Thiel - Kent County Commissioner

  • Ted Vonk - Kent County Commissioner

  • Harold Voorhees - Kent County Commissioner

  • Randy Wilcox - Bowne Township Supervisor

  • Robert S. Womack - Kent County Commissioner

  • Ken Yonker - Kent County Drain Commissioner​

Law Enforcement Officials

  • Sheriff Lawrence Stelma - Retired

  • Sheriff James Dougan - Retired Sheriff, Retired U.S. Marshall

  • Tom Hillen - Retired Chief of Police Kentwood

  • Edward Edwardson - Retired Chief of Police Wyoming

  • Mike Poulan - Sheriff Muskegon County

  • Steve Kempker - Sheriff, Ottawa County

  • The employees of the Sheriff’s office

  • Dave Jones - Retired Chief of Police Rockford

  • Valerie Weis - Ottawa County Undersheriff

  • Bruce Partridge - Retired Kent County Chief Deputy

  • Peter Gallegher - Retired Chief East Grand Rapids

Local Business Community

  • Guillermo Cisneros - West Michigan Business Community Leader

  • Jermaine Reese - Criminal Justice Training Director - Grand Rapids Community College

  • David Veneklase - Executive Vice President Organizational Development

  • Johnny Brann - Owner Brann’s Steakhouse & Grill - President Voice for the Badge

PAC Endorsements

  • Right to Life endorsement

  • Kent County Black Caucus

becker michelle3.jpg

“Sheriff LaJoye-Young does a tremendous job keeping our community safe.  Being Sheriff of Kent County is a big responsibility and Sheriff LaJoye-Young has proven to be the right person for
the job.”

~ Thomas Albert - State Representative

“In responding to significant challenges Sheriff Michelle LaJoye Young has proven to be a thoughtful, capable, and resolute leader.  We are a better community because of this leadership and I am proud to endorse her as sheriff of Kent County.”

~ Stan Stek - Vice-Chair Kent County Commission

“Sheriff LaJoye Young has demonstrated strong leadership and understands the needs of our township residents. Our substation is well equipped and staffed by trained professionals that serve our community well. I fully endorse Sheriff LaJoye Young.”

~ Robert DeWard - Gaines Charter Township Supervisor 

“I am supporting Sheriff Michelle LaJoye-Young because I believe in her leadership and her team.  After working with her first as a Township Supervisor then State Representative and now as State Senator I can say she has a strong commitment to keeping this community strong.”

~ Senator Pete MacGregor - State Senator, Candidate Kent County Treasure

“Michelle is a professional constantly working to make progress and do things the right way.”

~ Daryl Delabbio - Retired Kent County Administrator

“Michelle is a responsible steward of
Kent County resources.”

~ Steve Duarte - Retired Kent County Finance

“Sheriff Michelle is doing a wonderful job”

~ Monica Sparks

“Sheriff Michelle has ensured that the Kent County Sheriff’s Office is a professional and innovative, we appreciate the Sheriff’s dedication”

~ Bryan Harrison - Caledonia Township Supervisor

“Michelle is the best-prepared person for this job and is leading this department with distinction.”

~ Sheriff James Dougan, Retired Sheriff - Retired U.S. Marshall

“Difficult times call for exceptional leadership and Sheriff Michelle LaJoye-Young is that kind of leader!”

~ Mike Devries - Grand Rapids Township Supervisor

Paid for by the Committee to Keep Sheriff Michelle LaJoye-Young, 6989 Campau Lake Drive, Alto, MI 49302

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