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Continuing to expand our investigative resources and collaboration to solve crimes.  We know the more crimes that are solved, the more the community feels safe.  We also know that many criminals will continue the behavior until they are discovered.   


Leverage AI and other technology to help resolve crime and better predict outcomes for crime resolution, staff development and even outcomes for inmates.  This allows us to do the most we can to provide for the security of our community. 

Expansion of Telemedicine capabilities to provide inmates with great access to mental health services, general health care and specialized health care. This prepares inmates to be healthy and ready to rejoin community on a good footing. 

Expansion of restorative justice platforms within the correctional facility.  This approach has shown to be healing and productive for both the victim and the offender and builds better outcomes for all. 


Thank you for contacting us! If needed, a representative from the Campaign to Keep Sheriff Michelle LaJoye-Young will contact you shortly.

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